Use the sizing chart to find your size for 10pc handmade sized sets.

For Custom: please add a note with your unique size at the cart page (pre-order only).

How to Measure?

Not sure what size your wear? You have the following options. 

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Option 1: Order a NailTiTi sizing kit (Recommended)

Measure your sizes with NailTiTi Sizing Kit

Order a NailTiTi Sizing Kit

(FREE with the first purchase of any premium full set or handmade full set with code: SIZING)

Find the perfect nail size for each finger by placing the sample nails on your natural nails. Write down the nail number for each finger.






If a nail is between sizes, the go with the bigger size.

Repeat for Both Hands.

You can also measure your sizes with NailTiTi's  Handmade Full Set.

Option 2: Soft Ruler measure

Measure your size using a soft tape

  1. Hold the soft ruler or measuring tape against your nail, aligning one end of the ruler with the left of your nail where it meets the skin. Place the ruler or measuring tape across the widest point of your nail, typically near the center.

  2. Using the soft ruler or measuring tape, measure the width of the nail from the left to the right. Make a note of this measurement for each nail.

Option 3: Tape or paper measure

Measure your size using a tape or paper 

  1. Cut a small strip of tape or a piece of paper. The strip should be long enough to wrap around your nail, covering the entire width from the left to the right.

  2. Place the tape or paper strip on your nail, aligning it with the natural nail and pressing it down firmly to ensure a secure fit. Measure the width at the widest point, typically near the center of the nail.

  3. Use the pen or pencil to mark where the tape or paper overlaps on the underside of your nail.

  4. Remove the tape or paper from your nail and lay it flat on a surface. Measure the length of the tape or paper strip from the end to the mark you made, using a ruler or measuring tape. This is the length of your nail.

  5. Repeat the process for each nail, making a note of the length of each nail.